Friday, July 1, 2022

6/27 London Eye

I still had a lot of time left after visiting the two churches in Pepys old neighborhood, so decided to take a ride on the London Eye.  First, it was pouring rain most of the time after I got there, and second it was the tackiest and least-Londonlike thing I did in my visits to London.  

Why was it so unlike other London "attractions"??  Mostly because it seemed as if the hoards of tourists lining up and paying £36 or about $45 for a single revolution of the wheel could have better spent their money doing a lot of things that would have helped them understand this city better.

However, here are some photos of my experience, for good or for worse.  First, I took the underground to the Monument stop and crossed the Thames on the Golden Jubilee Bridge. 

This photo was taken BeFORE it poured down rain for a couple of hours. London weather is very changeable, to say the least. 



As you go up, you get good view of Westminster, the nearby railway station, and Buckingham Palace.

Did some walking before I got back on the underground to head back to hotel and saw this restaurant owned by Gordon Ramsey.  Could not tell if it was open or not, but the building was undergoing some renovation.

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